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Is one of our best remedies for profuse flowing from the female genital organs, as in menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, abortions, or after labor.

These hæmorrhages are apt to occur in paroxysms, worse from motion (Secale), blood dark (Kali nit. and Cyclamen), and clotted (Crocus) or partly clotted and partly fluid and watery (Ferrum), the clots being black; from loss of tone in the uterus; (Caulophyl.) after abortion or parturition, with pain from back to pubes. This pain from back to pubes is its grand keynote, and may be found, not only in flooding, but in threatened abortion and menstrual troubles generally. Where is sometimes present the general characteristic of Pulsatilla, "aggravation from warm air and in a warm room, and amelioration in open, cool, fresh air," and in cases of too profuse menstruation; but you cannot give Pulsatilla because it increases the already too profuse flow. Here is where Sabina comes in, for it has the same aggravation and amelioration with the profuse flow. This is an important diagnostic difference between the two remedies and is reliable.

Sabina is indicated in threatened abortion at the third month, especially if the characteristic pain from back to pubes is present. If the pains begin in the back and go around from there and end with cramps in the uterus, Viburnum opulus is the remedy. This kind of pain seems as characteristic for Viburnum as is the other for Sabina.

Sabina has arthritic swelling of the wrist joint; also of the toe joints. This, if occurring in conjunction with its profuse flow from the genitals, may make the choice of remedy lie between it and Caulophyllum in some cases. The ovaries sympathize very much with the uterine troubles of Sabina, especially after abortion, or suppressed gonorrhœa, or leucorrhœas.

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