back Sanguinaria Canadensis

Pain beginning in occiput; spreads over the head and settles over the right eye, with nausea and vomiting. Sensitive to noise and light.

Loose cough with badly smelling sputa; the breath and sputa smell badly to the patient himself.

Pain in right arm and shoulder; worse at night in bed; cannot raise the arm. Also pain in places where the bones are the least covered.

Heat and tension behind sternum. Cough day and night with great emaciation.

Burning and pressing in breast, followed by heat through abdomen and diarrhœa. Acts intensely on right lung and chest.

* * * * *

Sick headache. Pain commences in the back of the head, rises and spreads over the head, and settles down over the right eye (left eye, Spigelia), with nausea and vomiting; patient wants to be in a dark room and perfectly quiet. I have made some fine cures in long-standing cases of habitual sick headaches of this kind with this remedy. It will probably cure, or greatly relieve, the ordinary American sick headache as often as any other remedy. I use the 200th. Loose cough, with badly smelling sputa; the breath and sputa smelling badly to the patient himself. There is sometimes a pain behind the sternum (Kali hydroid.). This kind of cough usually comes on after a severe bronchitis or pneumonia, and it looks as though the patient were fast running into consumption. There may also be flushes of fever with circumscribed redness of the cheeks, like hectic fever. Many a case of this kind has been helped by this remedy. Dr. T. L Brown used the first trituration of the alkaloid with fine effect. The 200th has made just as good cures. In typhoid pneumonia with great dyspnœa and circumscribed redness of the cheeks, Sanguinaria has, in my hands, done good service. The right lung seems to come markedly under its influence, either in acute or chronic troubles. "Rheumatic pain in right arm and shoulder, worse at night in bed, cannot raise the arm." This condition has often been relieved by this remedy in my hands and has won me much credit. I have seen one dose of the first trituration cure such cases of long standing. I have seen the c. m. do the same thing. Flashes of heat, with hot palms and soles, at the climacteric find a remedy in Sanguinaria. Sometimes indicated after Sulphur and Lachesis have failed, especially if the circumscribed redness of the cheeks appears.

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