back Sarsaparilla

White sand in urine; also slimy or flaky urine.

Much pain at the conclusion of passing urine; almost unbearable.

Marasmus; neck emaciates and skin lies in folds.

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Sarsaparilla is another remedy which has excruciating neuralgia of the kidneys. Renal colic and passage of gravel and formation of vesicle calculi. Dr. Hering gives many testimonials to the efficacy of this remedy to relieve the sufferings attendant on gravel, especially with rheumatic symptoms. Lycopodium has red sand with clear urine; Sarsaparilla white sand with scanty, slimy or flaky urine. They may both be very useful in chronic rheumatic troubles, with these urinary complications. The most characteristic symptom of Sarsaparilla is "much pain at the conclusion of passing urine; almost unbearable." (Berberis, Equisetum, Medorrhinum, Thuja.). There is often in this case great tenesmus of the bladder at the same time. No remedy has this symptom so strongly as Sarsaparilla. Pulsatilla has something similar, so far as tenesmus is concerned, in connection with enlarged prostrate. Natrum muriaticum has also, -"After urination burning and cutting in the urethra; spasmodic contraction in abdomen, etc." So we must be careful about prescribing on one symptom alone, be it ever so prominent. In marasmus Sarsaparilla stands alongside of Iodine, Natrum mur., and Abrotanum. In Sarsaparilla the neck emaciates and skin (in general) lies in folds. (Sanicula, Natrum mur. and Lycopodium emaciate from above downward. Abrotanum from below upward.) Iodine, general emaciation, wishes to eat all the time. Natrum mur. eats and emaciates all of the time, neck particularly. Abrotanum, general marasmus, legs most. Argentum nitricum, child looks old, dried up, like a mummy. Sarsaparilla is one of the best remedies for headache or periosteal pains generally, from suppressed gonorrhœa. I have seen great results from the 200th. It is also a good remedy for syphilitic eruptions, with great emaciation; cracks on hands and feet, especially on sides of fingers and toes.

Retractions of nipple (Silicea).

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