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Here is another metal that, like Stannum, has for its most characteristic condition, excessive weakness. But the weakness of Selenium does not, like Stannum, seem to centre in any particular locality. It is more general. He is so weak that he is easily exhausted from any kind of labor, either mental or physical. This debility follows any exhaustive disease like typhoid fever, or may come from seminal emissions. The weakness of Selenium shows itself as much in the male sexual organs, as it does generally. Erections are slow and weak, emissions of semen too rapid in coition and he is cross and weak afterwards. Sexual desire strong, but he is physically impotent. Has seminal emissions two or three times a week, and gets up with weak, lame back after them. Prostatic fluid oozes while sitting, during sleep, when walking, or at stool. I this weakness has been of long standing, he begins to emaciate, especially in the face, hands and thighs (Acetic acid.) This is a picture of the Selenium prostration. Aside from or connected with it are a few other characteristic symptoms such as constipation, the stool being of such immense size that it cannot be discharged without mechanical aid. (Sanicula). It must be picked away with the fingers. Involuntary dribbling of urine while walking, or after urinating or stool (Sarsaparilla dribbles while sitting).

Bad effects from drinking too much tea; all complaints are aggravated by it. Irresistible longing for spirituous liquors. Hoarseness, must often clear the throat of mucus especially at the beginning of singing. Irresistible desire for stimulants, wants to get drunk but feels worse after it. Very forgetful in business, but during sleep dreams of what he had forgotten. I have never used this metal below the 200th potency.

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