back Skookum Chuck Aqua

Chuck-Water and Skookum-Strong (Salts from Water from Medical Lake near Spokane, Wash) (SKOOKUM - CHUCK)

Has strong affinity for skin and mucous membranes-An anti-psoric medicine.

Otitis media. Profuse, ichorous, cadaverously smelling discharge. Lithemia. Catarrh. Urticaria. Skin affections. Eczema. Dry skin. Hay-fever. Profuse coryza and constant sneezing.

Relationship.--Saxonite--(appears to have remarkable cleansing, deodorizing and soothing properties for the skin (Cowperthwaite). Eczema, scalds, burns, sores and hæmorrhoids).

Dose.--Third trituration.

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