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Roasted Sponge Spongia

For the tubercular diathesis.

Especially adapted to diseases of children and women; light hair, lax fibre, fair complexion (Brom.).

Swelling and induration of glands; goitre (Brom.).

Awakens in fright and feels as if suffocating; as if head to breathe thru a sponge.

Every mental excitement < or increases the cough.

Worse after sleep or sleeps into < (Lach.).

Sore throat, < after eating sweet things.

Thyroid gland swollen even with chin: with suffocative paroxysyms at night. Goitre.

Great dryness of mucous membranes of air passages - throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi - "dry as a horn.".

Cough: dry, barking, croupy; rasping, ringing, wheezing, whistling; everything is perfectly dry, no mucous rale.

Cough: dry, sibilant, like a saw driven through a pine board; < sweets, cold drinks, smoking, lying with head low, dry cold winds; < reading, singing, talking, swallowing; > eating or drinking warm things.

Croup: anxious, wheezing, < during inspiration (< during expiration, Acon.); < before midnight (< before morning, Hep.).

Palpitation: violent with pain and gasping respiration; awakened suddenly after midnight with suffocation and great anxiety; valvular insufficiency; before and during menses.

Angina pectoris; contracting pain, heat, faintness, suffocation, anxiety and sweat; < after midnight.

Spermatic cord swollen, painful; testicles swollen, bruised, squeezed; after suppressed gonorrhoea or maltreated orchitis.

Relations. - Spongia follows well: after, Acon., Hep., in cough and croup when dryness prevails; after Spong., Hep., when mucus commences to rattle.

Compare: Arn., Caust., Iod., Lach., Nux m., sputa loosened but must be swallowed again.

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