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Syphilitic Virus A Nosode

Pains from darkness to daylight; begin with twilight and end with daylight (Merc., Phyt.).

Pains increase and decrease gradually (Stan.); shifting and require frequent change of position.

All symptoms are worse at night (Merc.); from sundown to sunrise.

Eruptions: dull, red, copper-colored spots, becoming blue when getting cold.

Extreme emaciation of entire body (Abrot., Iod.).

Heart: lancinating pains from base to apex, at night (from apex to base, Med.; from base to clavicle or shoulder, Spig.).

Loss of memory; cannot remember names of books, persons or places; arithmetical calculation difficult.

Sensation: as if going insane, as if about to be paralyzed; of apathy and indifference.

Terrible dread of night on account of mental and physical exhaustion on awakening; it is intolerable, death is preferable.

Fears the terrific suffering from exhaustion on awakening (Lach.).

Leucorrhoea; profuse; soaking through the napkins and running down the heels (Alum.).

Headache, neuralgic in character, causing sleeplessness and delirium at night; commencing at 4 p. m.; worse from 10 to 11 and ceasing at daylight (ceases at 11 or 12 p. m., Lyc.); falling of the hair.

Acute ophthalmia neonatorum; lids swollen, adhere during sleep; pain intense at night < from 2 to 5 a. m., pus profuse; > by cold bathing.

Ptosis: paralysis of superior oblique; sleepy look from drooping lids (Caust., Graph.). diplopia, one image seen below the other.

Teeth: decay at edge of gum and break off; are cupped, edges serrated; dwarfed in size, converge at their tips (Staph.).

Craving alcohol, in any form.

Hereditary tendency to alcoholism (Asar., Psor., Tuber., Sulph., Sulph. ac.).

Obstinate constipation for year; rectum seems tied up with strictures; when enema was used the agony of passage was like labor (Lac. c., Tub.).

Fissures in anus and rectum (Thuja); prolapse of rectum; obstinate cases with a syphilitic history.

Rheumatism of the shoulder joint, or at insertion of deltoid, < from raising arm laterally (Rhus - right shoulder, Sang.; left, Fer.).

When the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve, in syphillitic affections.

Syphilitics, or patients who have had chancre treated by local means, and as a result have suffered from throat and skin troubles for years, are nearly always benefited by this remedy at commencement of treatment unless some other remedy is clearly indicated.

Relations. - Compare: Aur., Asaf., Kali i., Merc., Phyt., in bone diseases and syphillitic affections.

Aggravation. - At night, from twilight to daylight.

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