back Terebinthina

Burning and smarting on passing urine; urine red, brown, black or smoky in appearance.

Tongue smooth, glossy, red, with excessive tympanites (typhoid).

Hæmorrhages from all outlets, especially in connection with urinary or kidney troubles.

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Terebinthina ought to come in here, because it, like Berberis, has much pain in the back with kidney and bladder troubles. Painters working under the smell of Turpentine are often seriously affected by it. Some are unable to work in it. In the Turpentine kidney troubles there is apt to be more strangury than with Berberis and more blood in the urine. The urine becomes brown, black, or smoky in appearance from more or less admixture of blood. For burning and smarting on passing urine, Turpentine stands nearer to Cantharis or Cannabis sativa than it does to Berberis. All four may be found useful in the first stage of albuminuria, Turpentine taking the lead, and it may sometimes require considerable study to choose between them. Mercurius corrosivus generally comes in a little later. Terebinth. is one of our best anti-hæmorrhagic remedies. Hæmaturia, hæmoptysis, and hæmorrhage from the bowels, especially in typhoid, and even in purpura hæmorrhagica it may do splendid work. One of the chief characteristics for its use is the smooth, glossy, red tongue (Crotalus, Pyrogen); another is excessive tympanites. These two symptoms are often found in typhoids, and then Terebinth. is the remedy. Dropsy after scarlatina, with smoky urine, may find its remedy here, but Lachesis, Apis, Helleborus niger, or Colchicum will often dispute claims with it. The old school make great use of it in many other affections as a local application. I have seen some bad effects from its use in that way for the chest in pneumonia in their hands. I would not recommend it.

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