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Shepherds Purse Cruciferae

Profuse passive haemorrhage from every outlet of the body; blood dark and clotted.

Metrorrhagia: with violent cramps and uterine colic; in chlorosis; after abortion, labor, miscarriage; at climacteric; with cancer uteri (Phos., Ust.).

Menses: too early; too profuse; protracted (eight, ten, even fifteen days); tardy in starting, first day merely a show; second day colic, vomiting, a haemorrhage with large clots; each alternate period more profuse.

Haemorrhage or delaying menses from uterine inertia; exhausting, scarcely recovers from one period before another begins.

Leucorrhoea: bloody, dark, offensive; some days before and after menses.

Relations. - Comare: Sinapsis, Tillium, Viburnum, Ustilago.

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