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Trillium, from clinical use, seems to be a genuine hæmorrhage remedy. The blood is bright red, whether of the active or passive kind of hæmorrhage. It is especially useful in menses every two weeks, lasting a week and very profuse. Here a choice may have to be made between it and Calcarea ost. and Nux vomica.

It resembles China in flooding, with fainting, dim sight and noises in the ears. Of course, China would be the best for the after effects of such a hæmorrhage.

There is sometimes with such flooding a relaxed sensation as if the hips, sacro-synchrondroses and small of back would all fall apart; wants to be bound together. This should doubly indicate it in post-partum hæmorrhage.

It is also especially useful at the climacteric with the above symptoms. It has cured hæmorrhages from other organs, but I have no experience with it there.

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