back Tuberculinum Bacillinum

Pus (with bacilli) from tubercular abscess A Nosode

Adapted to persons of light complexion; blue eyes, blonde in preference to brunette; tall slim, flat, narrow chest; active and precocious mentally, weak physically; the tubercular diathesis.

When the family history of tubercular affections the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve, without reference to name of disease.

Symptoms ever changing; ailments affecting one organ, then another - the lungs, brain, kidneys, liver, stomach, nervous system - beginning suddenly, ceasing suddenly.

Takes cold easily without knowing how or where; seems to take cold "every time he takes a breath of fresh air" (Hep.).

Emaciation rapid and pronounced; losing flesh while eating well (Abrot., Calc., Con., Iod., Nat.).

Melancholy, despondent; morose, irritable, fretful, peevish; taciturn, sulky; naturally of a sweet disposition, now on the borderland of insanity.

Everything in the room seemed strange, as though in a strange place.

Headache: chronic, tubercular; pain intense, sharp, cutting, from above right eye to occiput; as of an iron hoop round the head (Anac., Sulph.); when the best selected remedy only palliates.

School-girl's headache: < by study or even slight mental exertion; when using eyes in close work and glasses fail to >; with a tubercular history.

Acute cerebral or basilar meningitis, with threatened effusion; nocturnal hallucinations; wakes from sleep frightened, screaming; when Apis, Hell., or Sulph., though well selected, fail to improve.

Crops of small boils, intensely painful, successively appear in the nose; green, fetid pus (Sec.).

Plica polonica; several bad cases permanently cured after Bor. and Psor. failed.

Diarrhoea: early morning, sudden, imperative (Sulph.); emaciating though eating well (Iod., Nat.); stool dark, brown, watery, offensive; discharged with great force; great weakness and profuse night sweats.

Menses: too early; too profuse; too long-lasting; tardy in starting; with frightful dysmenorrhoea; in patients with a tubercular history.

Tubercular deposit begins in apex of lungs, usually the left (Phos., Sulph., Ther.).

Eczema: tubercular over entire body; itching intense, < at night when undressing, from bathing; immense quantities of white bran-like scales; oozing behind the ears, in the hair, in folds of skin with rawness and soreness; fiery red skin. Ringworm.

Relations. - Complementary: Psor., Sulph.

When Psor., Sulph., or the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve; follows Psor. as a constitutional remedy in hay fever, asthma.

Belladonna, for acute attacks, congestive or inflammatory, occurring in tubercular diseases.

Hydrastis to fatten patients cured with Tuber.

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