backVijnovsky MM  Zea Mays [zea-m]

(Barba Indian Corn and Corn Marlo)


1 - (+) The most important action is in the tree urinal, which is prescribed in doses of 10-50 drops of the tincture at a time (like Stigmata maydis Barba de Choclo), often leading effectively, especially in cystitis urethritis with dysuria, and tenesmus after urinating in vesical catarrh, in chronic pyelitis, in chronic gonorrhea, in prostate hypertrophy with urinary retention, kidney stones in the discharge of small stones or gravel, red, and blood in renal colic ; in anuria.

2 - (+) in organic heart accented with oliguria and edema of the lower extremities (as a diuretic, but also regulates and slows heart activity and strong, using dosages of 20 drops each time).